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The New Subaru BRZ Goes Super Saiyan in Japan

Meet the second generation of Subaru R&D Sport's GT300 boxer

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Testing has commenced in Japan's prestigious and bonkers Super GT series, and Subaru is bringing a revised BRZ GT300 to the party. Based on the new BRZ but still powered by the same EJ20 engine as the outgoing BRZ racer, Subaru hopes this one will be the one that will take them to a class victory.

Photos from Car Watch c/o All Things Super GT on Facebook

Photos from Car Watch c/o All Things Super GT on Facebook

From what little detail that I can make out here, there seems to have been enough changes to the exterior design and aerodynamics of the car compared to the iteration that raced from 2015 to 2020, which is in line with the differences seen between the road cars. While the overall silhouette remains closely similar, there are a number of things that are different this year.

The front end, for one, reflects the design cues of the new car, and the grille is smaller than the outgoing BRZ GT300 (scale model shown) but still allows for cooling intakes to the brakes and engine. There's more definition in the headlight area, too, helping direct airflow to the sides of the car

As for the sides, the car mostly retains its profile from the previous version as well as the side-exit exhaust, but there are new airflow-shaping angles on the skirts and rear fenders that weren't there before (note the "inner skirt" on the new car) and additional vents behind the front fenders.

The biggest star of the show, however, is the rear wing, the most obvious departure from the old car along with pretty much the entire rear end of the car. For one, the whole wing is mounted on new swan-neck pylons commonly seen in new GT racers today, the fuel port is now on the trunk lid, and the whole rear bumper is a little less boxy than before. Even the diffusers seem slightly bigger and comes equipped with four more fins by default.

But it's not enough to have mere pictures of the car. You want to hear it run, so click this video of Subaru's year-end review stream below to see a snippet of the car in action during testing.

With Super GT's season almost all set, it'll be interesting to see how well the new car will perform throughout the series. To help you get to grips with the series, here's . abit of a primer from Super GT themselves:

Additional reporting from All Things Super GT on Facebook. For some more background on the first-gen BRZ GT300, go here for a retelling of that story in diecast form.

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