The New Subaru VIZIV Concept Won't Be The New WRX, Here's Why

Subaru has disappointed us before and they'll do it again

3y ago

So remember when we were all clamoring for the new WRX back in 2014? Remember the concept they came out with and how totally fucking awesome it looked? Here let me jog your memory.

Just look at that thing. LOOK AT IT. We were supposed to get this. We were supposed to get the next iteration of the 22b. It had 2-doors! Instead, we got this.

It doens't take a rocket scientist to figure out that one of these things is not like the other. I've driven both the newest WRX and STI and they are lightyears ahead of my personal last generation, 2014 hatchback. But come on. That's not even close.

A similar thing is happening in todayland because Subaru just dropped another totes gorgggg concept on us. One that many are saying will inform, or be, the next WRX. In case you missed it, here it is.

No doubt that is a sharp looking concept car, but everyone in Subaru land online is creaming their jeans over it. Hey, everyone, chill out. Subaru is a great car company and I've had a fantastic last 4 years with my car. I've been treated well by both Subaru of America and my local dealer, Ramsey Subaru, in Ramsey, NJ. But everyone needs to realize that Subaru won't make a WRX ever look anything like this. Like, EVER.. Not in a million years. Because that's how they roll.

And that's fine. I do wish they would make it looks all futuristic, but the likelyhood of it happening is practically zero. You know what the next WRX is more likely to look like? That nice looking new Impreza they redesigned and launched last year. Here's a potential rendering.

Now THAT I would buy. that's very good and that rendeing has been out for well over a year at this point. We likely won't get a WRX that looks like the new VIZIV concept you saw in Tokyo, but you can still hope they get rid of the EJ block for something a bit more modern.

I just hope they keep headers unequal. Rumble for life!



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  • you don't like it? suck it up and don't buy it!!!

      3 years ago