- This thing has recieved a lot of hate. But does it really deserve it?

The New Supra. Horrible or a fresh breath of air?

A lot of talk is going on with this car. Does it deserve all this controversy?

2y ago

First. Lets start off with some backstory!

The A90 Supra has design cues which has indeed been seen in concepts. The design comes from the FT-1.

Seem familiar. Cuz it is. And boy. It looks. Well, neat! I dont have much else to say. There was a vision gt race version, wait. The Supra also had a race version before it got launched. Except the race version came afterwards for the FT-1.

The vision gran turismo and the regular FT-1

The vision gran turismo and the regular FT-1

Now. For the elephant in the room!

So. The Supra has a 3 litre twin charged BMW engine. Where the hate comes from. With a "modest" 335 BHP and 365 pound feet of torque. and a 50-50 weight distribution. And a 0-60 in 4.1 seconds. And a top speed of 155 MPH. Im impressed to say so the least. Now the looks are dominated by the futuristic front and rear. Again. Taken from the FT-1. Toyota is enviromentally friendly. Recycling looks from a concept car from a few years ago. And a BMW engine. I like the looks. The only BMW things are the engine and some other stuff. Other than the BMW parts and interior. Its still very much a toyota.

Here is the engine bay. Not the full engine but close enough

Here is the engine bay. Not the full engine but close enough

The elegant interior

The elegant interior

Is it bad or a breath of fresh air?

Well its neither. its yet another take of a midrange sports car. and boy does it do it well. The Supra name was a great marketing choice. The hype was thrusted up. For better or worse. So its kind of a breath of fresh air tho.

Does it deserve the hate?

The answer. Simply put is. NO. It just doesnt. You can hate a car all you want. But certain people need to learn. You cant keep things the same as they were in the past. Sports cars arent Toyotas priority. There priorities are to make cars for the masses. So this was kind of a last resort. Thats for sure. Thats why its got the BMW parts of it. Making an engine just as great as the 2jz would take a lot of development time. Making any engine does.

End Card!

It sure has been a while since i have posted. Hopefully i can post more things just like this. Take care!

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  • I don't think it deserves the hate as it's a new supra for the 21st century and partnering up with another manufacturer has happened before with the Toyota GT86 and Subaru BRZ. Plus BMW have been selling Diesel engines to Toyota for a few years now in their Auris hatchbacks in Europe and Britain.

      2 years ago
  • It’s epic but not supra enough

      2 years ago