The new Suzuki Spacia is the ugly Kei car of your dreams

1y ago


Small cars can often produce some of the greatest thrills when it comes to motoring and the Kei cars of Japan are as minuscule yet characterful as modern cars come. Restricted to engines below 660cc, the little city dwellers can be turbocharged to produce high-revving, nippy cars that fit perfectly into the packed urban areas of Japan.

Some of these creations can be very enticing - the Suzuki Cappuccino and Honda S660 to name just a few - but the jury is still out on Suzuki's latest addition to the Kei car scene.

This is the new Spacia and it's the definition of a box on wheels, but somehow the fact that it's a Kei car makes it perfectly okay. Suzuki is a big player in Japan and despite the Spacia's mini dimensions, the company has managed to fit a serious amount of kit in the tiny package.

It features a 660cc turbocharged three-cylinder engine which is supplemented by a bit of hybridisation, allowing the little box to run on all-electric power for short distances.

All of its 63hp can be sent to either two wheels or to all four corners depending on how you spec it. And yes, those are 14-inch wheels on a car set to go on sale next year.

Minivan sliding doors are utilised to be able to get in and out of the car in the tightest of Tokyo's alleyways, although you can imagine they come with a bit of weight penalty. Tech-wise, the Spacia comes with active emergency braking, a full head-up display and an around-view monitor, making it quite the package for between £9000-13,000.

Would you fork out for one of these miniature cubes of metal? Or are they simply too much of a gimmick for the roads where you are? Comment with your thoughts below!