The new Tesla semi truck will do 0-60 faster than a Honda S2000

1y ago


Unveiled last night in a California Tech, Steve Jobs-style presentation, the Tesla Semi is Elon Musk's first all-electric offering to the haulage industry. With the motorways of the world currently dominated by diesel trucks, Tesla's monster EV should push semi trucks years into the future.

As with all Tesla products, the acceleration stats are quite something. Unloaded, the Semi completes the sprint to 60mph in just 5 seconds, a time that the base 718 Porsche Boxster and other entry level sportscars struggle to match.

Despite being somewhat overshadowed at the launch thanks to the reanimation of the Tesla Roadster, the Semi is certain to have a much larger impact on the automotive industry than the ferociously quick sportscar.

When conventionally loaded to 36 tonnes, the Semi will still reach 60mph in 20 seconds, making it three times as accelerative as the current crop of diesel haulers. With this titanic grunt also comes a relatively 'normal' range of 500 miles, although Tesla is yet to reveal any details of the power or size of the battery packs being used.

The truck can be charged to 80% capacity in 30 minutes through the use of a new 'Megacharger' station, however this will obviously need adding to the current road networks to achieve that impressive charging time.

Possibly the most impressive feat of the design is its 0.36 drag coefficient, compared to 0.8-1.0 attributed to most semi trucks/lorries. Tesla has decided to compare it to the 0.38 value achieved by the Bugatti Chiron, although that is completely taken out of context when the drag area of the semi is taken into account. But anyway, that's PR for you.

The interior is equally as futuristic as the exterior, with two massive touch screens replacing any form of analogue dials and a central driving position within a cabin in which you can safely stand upright. The internal tech predictably shifts the truck towards autonomy, with lane assist and braking controlled by a multitude of onboard computers.

With no pricing guide yet, the only way of currently acquiring a Tesla Semi is through a $5000 deposit. Production is due to begin in 2019 but with countless questions being asked with regards to Model 3 delays, we'll need to wait and see exactly when this huge step forwards for the haulage industry will occur.

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