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The New TVR Griffith.

15w ago


The new Griffith is a great car in my opinion. If you ask me the Griffith is the better version of a Ford Mustang.

The TVR Griffith probably my favorite UK sports car since the 2009 Mini JCW. TVR has always had a softspot in my heart. One of my favorite TVR's was the Sagaris, that was untill the new Griffith came out. The new 500 hp V8 is a beast. Now to the part how this car is better than the Mustang. We all know Jeremy Clarkson, James May and, Richiard Hammond wanted the V8 mustang in the UK, and they got it, but the TVR is what the UK in my opinion needed.

The TVR is torquey, like the Mustang, it has a V8, like the Mustang. It's also high in hp like the Mustang. So let's talk about this for a second. The TVR does everything a mustang can but better. The TVR has more hp, it looks better and in my opinion sounds better.

The thing about this car that I dont like though is that the exhaust come out the side. If it were me I would make the exhaust come out the back because it looks better. I have seen this car go around the track and it handles quite well, and that another reason I love it so much.

I'm from America and as most people know we love V8's, but not me in particular I like straight 6's and the 4-banger in the STI. But there's something I love about the TVR's V8. It just sounds like an easy puring of a beast ready to come alive when you tell to.

Now I'm going to wrap this up real quick. This is my first article and I chose to do it over this car because this car is so beautiful and it can make head's turn. I don't know when I will be able to do another article but I will try to make it soon. Thank You for reading to the end.