The new TVR Griffith is coming to The Crew 2

Who needs to buy the British sports car when you can give it a whirl in the open-world racer that is The Crew 2?

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The TVR Griffith is an important car because it marks the return for the much-loved and famous, but ultimately troubled British manufacturer. So it is good to see you can give it a go yourself, digitally anyway.

Named after a previous TVR from 1991, which later became the Griffith 500, the new TVR Griffith has never been in a video game before. Not even Forza Horizon 4. All you need to drive it is the Season Pass.

This is actually the second TVR to make it into The Crew 2, the first being the brilliant-looking 400bhp Sagaris, which was the last model to arrive before the manufacturer went bye bye. Not that long after Jeremy Clarkson raved about it, it's worth noting.

The new car is more visually subdued, but its 500bhp Ford-sourced 5.0-litre V8 should make up for that, especially as it only has 1,250kg of metal to move. That works out at 400bhp per tonne, more than you get from the ludicrously fast McLaren 570S.

Also being added to The Crew 2 on the same date is the Nissan R34 Skyline GT-R 'Drift Machine', which promises a more Japanese take on ludicrous performance. And a more sideways one, as the name suggests.

You need only wait until the 7th of November, 2018, to get your mitts on both of these cars. The problem is that the Season Pass is rather pricey, but then it does add 25 vehicles (including three exclusives) and a permanent in-game store discount.

Earning itself a measly 64 per cent on Metacritic, The Crew 2 never set the gaming world alight. But then games do tend to get better over time these days and there are relatively few games that let you commandeer a speed boat. Well, except for Grand Theft Auto.

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