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The new vintage record-holder

A 57-mile 1975 Chevrolet K5 Blazer recently sold for a crazy amount.

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BaT is no stranger to high prices on some of the world's most exclusive cars. As of now, there are hundreds of auctions up and live for bidding, such as this Corvette C7.R and this Chevron B23!

Now moving on to the main subject, this museum quality Chevrolet K5 Blazer. Over its total lifespan, it has only acquired a total of just 57 miles (91 km) and ended up selling for a mind blowing total of $112,000 (£80,270).



Under the hood is a 350ci V8 with a three speed automatic transmission that looks like it never left the showroom. It includes the owners manual, service documents, and other important papers dating back to the purchase like the window sticker. Every fluid from the coolant to the oil has been replaced before it was put up to be auctioned. This Blazer even features a 31-gallon fuel tank which was a $21 (£15) option back in '75 along with a three passenger rear seating arrangement for $153 (£109). The total outcome price from the dealership located in Towanada, New York was a grand total of $6,350 (£4,553).

In the interior of the K5 Blazer, are upholstered seats in saddle vinyl with plaid fabric inserts. It also has a beautiful wood grain trim throughout the dashboard with an AM radio. Below that is a floor-mounted transfer case shifter for off-road use, in this case has never been used. It even has a lockable glove box to keep all documents secured.



Since it is nearly impossible to find a K5 Blazer in immaculate condition, it caused the price to soar though there has been an increase in collectability in Chevrolet Squarebodies and Blazers in recent times. This K5 could be the next start to a whole new collector era reaching into the 70's and 80's for American classics.

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