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The new Volvo FH is basically an Audi R8 and I love it!

I am trying to convince the misses all we need is a Volvo... a big one.

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My names Matt and I like trucks! there iv said it, its out there forever now. Iv been on drive tribe for a couple of years now and have kept my opinions relatively to myself, until I noticed there was no truck groups growing or articles being made about them. So I'm gonna give it a whirl and where better to start than with Volvos!

I love a Volvo they are as hard as Phil Mitchell on steroids and I don't care what you say. I mean we must have all seen the 850 extreme crash test on YouTube and if you haven't what have you been doing? go watch it! (after you have read my article.) so if little Volvos are that strong imagine how strong a biiig Volvo must be!

Volvo have released the new FH which like I said is basically an R8 with almost five times the torque output at the max engine spec for euro 6 regulations, urgh regulations the ruin of fun. That being said Volvo still gives you 540hp with 2600NM of torque which will more than do the everyday long haul trucker. euro 5 spec you can get a whopping 750hp! damn you regulations!! You can even spec it for LNG (liquified natural gas) for 20% less co2 and lower running costs.

with the new designed cab exterior and Volvos signature V led headlights moved to align with the sweeping feature line across the door, teamed with repositioned and redesigned indicators it makes for an aesthetically pleasing view. Stick a Kelsa bar on with spotlights for added coolness points.

Adaptive high beam headlights marks a worlds first for a heavy duty truck. this allows the camera and radar to detect other vehicles either oncoming, or that you are approaching. The camera can detect when a change of light occurs around the truck thus disabling certain segments of the led lamps to avoid blinding some poor sucker in a car. This might not please everyone as there's always the handful that seem to enjoy leaving full beam on but you cant please everyone.

You get a basketful of safety features, downhill cruise control sounds particularly cool to me set the speed and down you go preventing you barrelling down hill fully loaded hoping the mechanics put the brake pads in the right way round. (believe me iv seen that been done before.)

My favourite feature is the trick EBS (electronically controlled braking system) with some life saving features such as collision warning with emergency brake and ESC (electronic stability control) keeping you the the right way up by reducing engine power and applying brakes to the unit and trailer individually. I'm beginning to think not even Richard Hammond could crash this thing!

My other favourite safety feature is the road sign recognition able to recognise road speeds, overtaking restrictions and road type. can it get much better? surely we have peaked but with Volvo anything's possible. you can even spec it with a dual clutch I shift system, I'm telling you this really is an r8! granted its a little bit bigger but I can literally pull my house behind me with it.

The interior is designed for the drivers comfort, safety and productivity. you get two screens,m first is your 12 inch fully digital dashboard and the other is your 9" infotainment centre where you can get your Bluetooth, nav and Aux, all controllable from either the steering wheel by voice or direct by the control panel. Cabs range from the low sleeper cab to the xxl globetrotter which is basically a house on wheels that I want!

It looks so sleek and modern its a shame to think there's going to be some drivers treat it like a cheap motel with sticky tissues and a bottle of urine knocking about.

credit volvotrucks.com

credit volvotrucks.com

I absolutely love this truck there is so many more features I could mention like Volvo dynamic steering with cool features, the most mind blowing of which is being able to operate the the truck from outside the cab. its a effing huge rc truck man! i can only hope to see a fleet of them arriving at my workplace in the future as I really really want a go!

thanks for taking the time to read my first article it might be a load of rubbish so any feedback would be appreciated, I can handle it. I hope to create more truck content in the future. :) x

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