- AREs Design S Project

The newest ARES Design project is here, what do you think of it?

The ARES Design S Project has been revealed to the world!

So, everyone is super excited about the C8 Corvette, and understandably. So, how would you like a C8 Corvette-based supercar from Italy with 705 horsepower? That is what ARES Design's S Project is. It uses a V8 engine, they won't yet say from where, with 705hp and 969 pound-feet of torque. Yeah, you read that right. 969 lb-ft. The engine is claimed to be able to rev up to 9,000rpm, but no other specs have been revealed as yet. The sprint from 0-60 should happen in less than 3 seconds at least, though. More details are coming, but for right now, all ARES Design will say about it is that they plan to make 24 units of the car, each priced at $594K (500,000 euros at current exchange rates).

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