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The next Audi RS7 shifts the benchmark for super-saloons with 700bhp

1y ago


The 700bhp benchmark is an exclusive club where only the most powerful of supercars can become members. In 2019 Audi will be moving the benchmark for super-saloons yet again by unleashing a 700bhp RS7 upon the world.

The German car maker’s head of design Marc Lichte confirmed in discussion with Evo that the upcoming 2019 RS7 will come in two distinct flavours. The first of these being the 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 motor making 650bhp, the second borrowing tech from Porsche’s lightning-quick Turbo S E-Hybrid by adding the hybrid electric motor and battery system to the V8 engine to produce a staggering 700bhp or more.

Credit - Audi UK

In the Porsche this system makes a shade under 680bhp, in the upcoming RS7 though, additional development work has been performed on the electric motors and the battery system meaning it will exceed 700 glorious rampaging horsepowers.

If you think that this setup loses some of the purity of the traditional combustion engine setup, then you’d do well to remember the that the Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid will run the 60mph sprint in just 3.2 seconds which is very quick. We would expect Audi to be their usual underestimating selves with the times for the new RS7, meaning that we could finally see a sub 3-second super saloon?

The upcoming RS7 will be based on the garden variety A7 which will arrive in later this year.

So, is a 700bhp hybrid-electric super-saloon a good thing for the progress of supercars? Discuss in the comments or join the #supercars chat at the link below.

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