The next BMW 2 Series will stay rear-wheel drive

1w ago


The upcoming BMW 2 series will be RWD, BMW CTO Klaus Fröhlich said, “This is our Flexible Cluster Architecture. This is in our rear-wheel drive cars; from the 2 successor up to the X7”

The new model will use the BMW CLAR platform, a modular platform currently used on more modern BMWs from the G20 3 series to the new X7. The CLAR platform means the 2 Series will share more with the Toyota Supra than the F40 1 Series.

The news means that an M2 successor is looking extremely likely, this is because the CLAR platform could accommodate any engine size up to a V12. The biggest engine currently used In the FWD platform is a 2.0 straight-four.

The first modern front-wheel drive BMW was the 2 Series Active Tourer, an MPV based on the new UKL platform engineered for BMW and Mini’s FWD and 4WD models.

This platform is also used on the new 1 series, a car that has traditionally shared a lot of features with the 2 series. This sparked speculation that the 2 series may also be on the UKL FWD platform.

However, with the next generation model, BMW CTO Klaus Fröhlich has said in a statement that the next generation 2 series will be a separate model to the 1 series for the first time.