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The next-gen Mustang will be unveiled in 2022, set for an 8-year production run

Ford's last true 'car' will get refreshed for the 2022 model year, and it should stick around for another 8 years after that

8w ago


In a sea of SUVs and crossovers, the big, thirsty, all-American Ford Mustang shows the car industry that sex-appeal and affordable performance can still exist in our fast-changing market. And having spent a few days with a Mustang GT earlier last year, I can see why.

Earlier generations of the Mustang were ugly, showy, and largely terrible, but the new Mustang GT is a truly brilliant automobile.

And apparently, Ford agrees, because according to The Drive, Ford is cooking up its seventh-generation Mustang, code-named the S650, Ford's next pony car is set to hit dealerships sometime in 2022.

Suppliers have already been tasked with providing enough parts to push out just under 100,000 Mustangs a year, totaling 77,000 coupes and 20,000 convertibles. The new models will share both RWD and AWD architectures with other members of Ford's lineup such as the Lincoln Aviator and Ford Explorer.


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Comments (70)

  • While the Mustang matured really well over recent generations, a dullness comes with corporate planning like this: “in two years a new product will be marketed for 96 months.” The approach, understandable as it is, removed the mystique of organic engineering evolution in favor of planned marketing. We all know it’s there, always lurking behind the major products, but sometimes, I like to think something like the Mustang gets more freedom to grow and develop at its own pace.

      1 month ago
    • You are right, afterall a mustang should be a bit wild.

        1 month ago
  • Needs to get smaller (SN-95 size) and lose weight. No idea how they're going to do that on an Explorer chassis. Hate to see it become a porker and lose the sports car cred it had earned.

      1 month ago
  • I used to be a Ford muscle car guy, but I've moved to dodge.

      1 month ago
  • Knowing Ford, it’s gonna be a small crossover SUV with a 3 cylinder eco boost engine 🤡

      1 month ago
  • Not really a fan of mustang like the challengers more but I hope they make it more like a muscle car not like a sports car

      1 month ago


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