The Next-Generation Corvette Could Make 850 HP

C'mon GM. Give us more than a hint.

3y ago

Rumors have been flying about the next Corvette. Here at Shifting Lanes, we want to believe the hype. If the internet is ever to be believed, the most recent internal document leak from IHS Markit could give us a hint as to how the next-generation Corvette, dubbed Y2 or C8, could be optioned when it comes to powerplants.

According to a forum user on, a mid-engine car from GM will be coming in 2019 with three different motors. Two DOHC motors will be produced at displacements of 4.2L and 5.5L, with the current OHV 6.2L available.

Interestingly enough, the document shows Y1 (C7) production being concurrent with that of the Y2 (C8). If the forecast is to be believed, this means both a front-engine and a mid-engine Corvette could be in production in the future. The IHS Markit document shows 14,000 annual unit production for the 6.2L Y2, 7,000 for the 4.2L, and 5,000 for the 5.5L. Cylinder count and aspiration are not confirmed for these engines, but the document does list 850 hp and 720 lb-ft as the maximum output without delineating a specific engine output for these figures.

A mid-engine Corvette is a big enough leap into the modern age, but forced induction? Some would argue that it is too much of a departure from "America's sports car." As for me, I just want to see it in person before I pass judgement.

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Comments (2)

  • The Corvette already has forced induction in the form of a supercharger.

      3 years ago
  • For how long rumors about a mid-engined Corvette have been circulating around the web?

    On the other hand, they already exist, Chevrolet just needs to build one that's not a concept car (like Aerovette or CERV III) and not a track-only car (like Lola's Corvette GTP or Corvette Daytona)

      3 years ago