The next Koenigsegg hypercar could be powered by volcano fuel

Yes, you read that right

Christian von Koenigsegg is still reluctant about electric power for his hypercars because he's concerned about the extra weight, which would "go against the sporty nature of the car". However, Koenigsegg founder and CEO insists the brand is "propulsion agnostic" and that the best way to go about it is to "mix and match whatever makes the most sense at each given time and for each model".

The latest Koenigsegg model, the 4-door Gemera, is powered by a turbocharged 2.0-litre inline-three engine and three electric motors, delivering a combined power output of 1,700 hp but Koenigsegg wants to keep all doors open. And it seems his latest idea involves using volcano emissions... as fuel.

In an interview with Bloomberg, von Koenigsegg said they're currently experimenting with ultra-high-voltage battery packs and biofuel sourced from semi-active volcanoes. He said they're working with a new company from Iceland and the technology they're developing allows them to take CO2 from semi-active volcanoes and convert it into methanol.

'Vulcanol', as the company calls it, produces 90 percent less carbon emissions than fossil fuels and essentially "cleans up the particles in the atmosphere while you're using the engine". Ah.

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