- Richard Hammond with the DB5

The Next LEGO Car Is...

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Since the 10242 Mini Cooper released in 2014, LEGO has been producing some great and classic cars for us petrolheads annually, under the "Creator Expert" theme.

Mini Cooper, Ferrari F40, Volkswagen Beetle, London Bus, the lineup is absolutely awesome for a classic car lover like me. And the addition to the series this year is going to make it even better.

In this tweet from @LEGO, you may guess what's coming...

If you keep reading, you'll see the replies from both @AstonMartin and @007

An official tweet as it is, this is going to be true, not just rumour. But the question is, how will LEGO make this LEGO-Aston-007 collaboration project? What's the scale? Most importantly, does it mean that we may see more LEGO Astons and 007-theme sets in the future

Sean Connery and the DB5

Classic angle

Here's a clip I found with the DB5 in motion:


Also... if you love everything about James Bond, join the 007 you must!

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