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The next Z (probably the 400z) isn't coming to the UK


48w ago

Breaking News! Nissan have said that the next Z car - probably the concept car 400z - won't be coming to the UK, or Europe. They [Nissan] said that the reason they aren't bringing it to the UK - or Europe - is because of a shrinking European sports car market and emission targets. In 2021, the EU will give a fine to any manufacturer who sell a car with more CO2 than 95 grams/km will get a 95 euro fine times the amount of units sold by the manufacturer that year, so you can see from Nissans point of view that fairly quickly the 400z could become a money pit. However not all is lost with Ivan Espinosa (vice president of global product strategy at Nissan) saying that "some electrification" could be an option later in the 400z's lifespan.

“A shrinking European sports car market and specific regulations on emissions”


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Comments (5)

  • I hope electrification means hybrid because at least it still has manual and V6

      11 months ago
    • Well if they go with the hybrid probably they reduce the number of cylinders and I don't know how a hybrid car with manual gearbox would work since there were no hybrid car with manual gearbox before.

        11 months ago
    • Honda CR-Z is a hybrid car with a manual gear box

        11 months ago
  • The green continent is giving the gasoline cars a hard time. I know they are not in the same category but you guys have Ford Fiesta ST.

      11 months ago