THE NINTH SON. Beautiful Machines’ ‘Kuro’ Suzuki GS550 Neo-Racer

1y ago


For nearly four decades the middleweight sportsbike was a staple of almost every manufacturer’s line up, often out selling the companies more potent models. With enough power for the street, nimble handling and rev happy engines few will go through their motorcycle life without owning one. But now the class has all but been abandoned with just Yamaha’s new R6 left to fly the flag. So when Malaysia’s Beautiful Machines found themselves working incredibly long hours preparing two spectacular builds for a show, they decided it couldn’t hurt to another yet another bike to the mix. From the remains of a motorcycle that’s been an old friend to the shop comes this trick neo-racer from one of the original middleweight legends; a 1979 Suzuki GS550 they call Kuro.

Hard at work on the previously featured Monster and lil Monster, the team was also crafting the incredible Typhoon, all three trophy winners. At the same time they were also developing their SR400 supercharged beach racer and of course taking care of customer builds, servicing and maintenance. You’d think that would be enough to keep any shop busy but with less than 12 weeks to go on the deadline of their big builds they happily took on the GS as well. The bike has been around the shop since day one, having previously been treated to a basic café conversion, but a new owner meant a full overhaul.


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