The Nio Ep9 is a bolt from the red

The EP9's electric motors make as much torque as four and a half ford f350s.

4y ago

This is the EP9 from NIO and its parent company NextEV. It’s Chinese and it’s very, very fast. Before we get into all that here’s a little background on NIO. They’re a relatively young company but already have a Formula E driver’s championship under their belts, so they clearly know their way around a fast electric car. The EP9’s not just for the auto sites; tech bloggers are excited about it too. Hurrah for the cross pollination of interests! The fact of the matter is that as much as we all love thunderously loud cars powered by explosions, they aren’t the future. The future is electric, or something else that we can make or have an abundance of, but it ain’t finite fossil fuels (fingers crossed). NIO, for their part, are getting people interested. People who don’t usually care about cars. Good on ‘em!

To keep weight down the EP9 is made from a lot of carbon fibre. It has a carbon monocoque chassis built to FIA LMP1 standards and full carbon body panels. NIO have promised a range of 265 miles, with a full charge taking just 45 minutes (so they say). The battery packs can be removed out of the sides of the car and changed for fully charged ones in about 8 minutes. The car weighs 3825 lbs, which isn’t light, but it isn’t exactly underpowered either.

The EP9 contains an electric motor for each wheel, which combined produce the equivalent of 1360 horsepower (or one megawatt) and, get this, 4670 ft-lb of torque. That’s the kind of torque that pushes continents around. Seriously though that’s four and a half F350s worth. All that power combined with aero know-how from Formula E means that the EP9 just decimated the EV lap record at the Nurburgring with a time of 7:05:12. The previous record for an EV was 7:22:00. So, quite a step forward then. Just six will be built and are they’re all spoken for by NextEV’s founders, but I’m liking where this electric halo car business is going nonetheless.

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