- Yes, I know this is a 2021, but is it REALLY that different from a 2018?! It does have a different powertrain but it sure isn't the 2022 model!!!

The Nissan Frontier is more reliable than a Toyota Tacoma

According to popular sentiment and resale value, the Tacoma is a better truck... but everyone is wrong?!

MT Blake posted in USA News
1w ago

I want to paint you a picture; we're in a desert and it's a dismal scene in some far-flung place. We're unbearably hot and our faction is part of an oppressed people fighting for our freedom. We need to invade our own cities to take back control. We need a reliable, gasoline-fueled steed to gallop into victory; the machine guns need a sturdy base for mounting; the fighters need something easy to fix - duct tape and baling wire are our wrenches and hammers. What else better than a questionably acquired Toyota truck! Errr, wait there is something better?!

The whole 'terrorist or patriot' argument should be mute as my fictional world I built doesn't have an actual flag, and the whole quagmire is irrelevant to the fact J.D. Power just rated the 2018 Nissan Frontier the most reliable pickup truck in the segment. Move over Toyota, a-way-we-go-to-war in a pickup once known as a Datsun.

The midsized pickup truck segment has long been dominated by the Toyota Tacoma in the US. According to J.D. Power, they surveyed 2018 owners of midsized pickups about their trucks for the 2021 Vehicle Dependability Study (VDS). The owners responded with fewer 'problems' with the Frontier than any other pickup in the segment (a lower score reflecting fewer issues).

Nissan had to say, "The Vehicle Dependability Study is a great validation of a vehicle's true quality because it comes after three years of real world, everyday use," said James Moss, vice president, Total Customer Satisfaction, Nissan North America, Inc. "Earning the top spot in the competitive midsize truck segment is an immense point of pride for us."

And remember, before you go thinking, 'Well maybe it's because the Nissan is made in Japan and the Toyota isn't'. This might have been a well-placed theory of yesteryear, but considering both trucks are made in the ol' US of A, it doesn't hold much water today.

So here's to the Nissan Frontier! The top dog of dependability... for now.

PS: This author is still not upset I bought a 2020 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off-Road...

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  • *Bandwagon fallacy intensifies*

      9 days ago
  • One of the big sellers on the nissan vs Yoda is the nissan is running a full boxed frame to where the toy taco is c frame and doesn't hold up as well and suffers from rust. Plus it rides like crap compared to the frontier. The only issue with the frontier is that it's a old design. When you buy it, it feels like you're buying a used pickup. Hints a 2018 is a 2021. I use to sell cars and that was the biggest complaint about the frontier. I was going to buy one a couple months ago but couldn't come to terms and I ended up buying an VW arteon instead.

      9 days ago
    • I love my Taco. The worst thing about it is the lack of power. You've got to stab it to make it move with any eagerness. After the first-gen rust debacle, I don't blame Toyota for going to a partially boxed frame. They built such a good boxed...

      Read more
        9 days ago
    • Yeah they are pretty gutless, and nissan has the frame design down to a T. I had a 2012 tundra TRD pro but I started having transmission issues with it. Really liked it would still be driving it even at 13mpg but it had to go. I'm waiting about 2...

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        9 days ago
  • If you drive a stock truck its easy to compare the tacoma and frontier. If you like to modify your ride then the nissan is a no go. The only thing better supported by the aftermarket than a tocoma is a jeep. But thats a chrysler and ill have no part. Never once did i come out of a store or restaurant and find someone eye-banging my frontier. It happens twice a week with my tacoma. Who cares about a1% difference in reliability if you teuck is so boring that when you touch it your hand falls asleep.

      9 days ago
    • Very good point. My buddy has been getting parts from Australia for his Frontier.

        9 days ago
    • The Frontier shares a platform with the Titan, making "Titan Swaps" cheap with junkyard parts. Front diffs, rear axles, half shafts, LCAs, brake masters, even swapping the VQ40 out for the VK56 - all have been done.

        9 days ago
  • Over the course of about 15 years, my brother has had two Frontiers, each going quietly about their daily business without a single moment of trouble. I thought my Miata was trouble-free but his Frontiers have been almost impossibly reliable! 😀

      9 days ago
    • My buddy has a 2015 and it's needed one axle seal. That's it. He's currently building it into an overland rig with some Navara parts from Australia.

        9 days ago
    • Cool!! I hope you get the chance to document its transformation for everyone on DT to admire! 😃

        9 days ago
  • To me, 3 years doesn’t seem long enough to rate a car on reliability. After 3 years, no new car should have any significant issues. My Tacoma turned 22 years old in March and just turned over to 269,000 miles. Since I’ve had it, I have had no significant issues, other than the interior door handle cracking. I’d say that’s some pretty good anecdotal evidence in Toyota’s favor.

      8 days ago