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The Nissan GTR vs GTT

What is the difference in these two cars

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A the Nissan GTR, a car known for its great performance and capabilities. Widely considered by the car community as one of the best cars in the world. And one of the most distinct cars ever made as well. But what about the Nissan GTT? A lesser known, but remarkable car, seemingly the same car to the untrained eye. Where did both of these cars come from? What makes them great, and what makes them different?

Nissan GTR

The Skyline as we know it was actually created in 1957 by a company called Prince. But the GTR as we all know and love was actually created in 1969, as Prince was bought out by Nissan in 1966. The First Gen GTR was a four door sedan with Prince racing specs. It came with a S20 2.0 liter, inline-six engine. This car produced 160 brake horsepower, and won the JAF Grand Prix later on.

First Gen GTR (credit: classicautoclub.ru)

First Gen GTR (credit: classicautoclub.ru)

Nissan continued with the GTR making a coupe version called the H/T 2000GT-R which won the Skyline's 50th race. This Generation of GTR would continue up until 1973, when the oil crisis hit. Nissan stopped production due of the GTR because of the before mentioned crisis, and due to stricter emissions regulations. The GTR would not be produced again until 1989, when it was built with an inline-six turbocharged engine, which produced 280 brake horsepower.

This car was revolutionary, and it became an instant hit among the consumer. Particularly the enthusiast. The Ninth Gen GTR was announced in 1993, and was released in 1995. It featured four-wheel drive, making it standard throughout Nissan's performance lineup. The R33 from this time raced at the Le Mans racetrack, and got 10th place overall, and 5th place in its lineup.

The R34 was made after, and was the last GTR from this time. This version made 280 brake horsepower, with aftermarket versions making up to 800 brake horsepower. This GTR obviously made a strong case as a racecar. And in 1999, the GTR won the Japanese Grand Touring Championship. The production of the original GTR ended in 2002, and would later be revived by a newer model.

Nissan GTT

The GTT was essentially a GTR but with small differences. The GTT had smaller analog displays in the interior, compared to the GTR which had electronic displays. The GTR had a four-wheel drive layout, while the GTT had a rear-wheel drive layout. The GTT had a 2.5-liter, one turbo engine. While the GTR had a 2.6-liter, twin turboed engine. The GTT also produced 280 brake horsepower. So, in conclusion, both cars are very similar, but have some small, but significant changes done to them to modify performance.

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