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The Nissan Skyline could make a comeback as an electric SUV!

Don't cry, dear JDM fans

5w ago

Everyone cried foul when Ford turned the Mustang into an electric SUV. What follows is likely to be even more serious, as there are rumors that Nissan may also revive the legendary Skyline as a sporty electric SUV.

Fortunately, this information is only rumor at this point, far from being official. However, we did officially learn a few hours earlier that the brand would stop developing sedans in Japan. By pure coincidence, this end marked the non replacement of the Skyline in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Given the very strong aura of the name, it would be appropriate to reuse the Skyline appellation for a new model that will probably be an electric SUV. If afficionados have fallen off their chairs for a second time, it is also worth noting that the Skyline name is not being used for the first time on an SUV.

Nissan had indeed marketed the Skyline Crossover between 2009 and 2016 in Japan. Unknown at first glance, this vehicle is actually an Infiniti EX in the rest of the world. As for the possible Skyline electric SUV, it should compete head-on with the Ford Mustang Mach-E by 2025 if the project is validated.

Photo credits Nissan

Photo credits Nissan

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