The Nissan we all need this winter

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Nissan have announced its new 'Juke Personalisation Adventure' concept ahead of next years Tokyo Auto Salon event. This is definitely one for the adventure and winter enthusiast as it comes with four separate tank inspired tracks. Perfect for snow and ice driving.

The car taken is obviously the well hated Nissan Juke but it doesn't look nearly as bad with 4 tracks underneath it and much wider flared wheel arches, even the colour scheme isn't too bad. The roof rack also just makes it that step cooler, let's be honest.

Technical specifications about the car have not been revealed by Nissan just yet but we do know that the 'Juke Personalization Adventure' concept will come with AWD and a significant torque upgrade. This is definitely perfect for a snowy winter's day but then also great for a muddy summers day. It can do it all.

We don't know what the interior looks like yet but I am hoping for a simple utilitarian style one to give it a more rugged look. Nothing fancy, just practical.

However, this isn't the first time a Juke has been made cool. Some of you may remember the Juke Nismo RSnow which was an absolute snowmobile weapon. Nissan fitted 370 kg DOMINATOR Track Systems snow tracks, made minor modifications to the front and rear bumpers, and reprogrammed the vehicle's torque-vectoring AWD system, resulting in a beast.

Engineers tested the Juke Nismo RSnow in Lapland and found it was capable of more than 50 mph in Arctic conditions around -30 degrees. But it just doesn't look as good as the new concept with much wider wheel arches.

Would you have one this winter?

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  • The concept is awesome ive seen it before on other concepts. Yet alas, they did it to possibly the ugliest worst car in the known universe

    19 days ago
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  • It's a puke tank

    19 days ago
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