The Nissan Z Proto In Different Forms! What Do You Think?

Some series of renders of the newly revealed Japanese car!

20w ago

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Comments (7)

  • The Nismo looks spot on. There will no doubt be a real version. I wish they'd make the offroader, maybe not the tent but the rest looks good. It's unfortunate that they tried so hard to make a modern 240z and completely ignored the stuff in between. An evolution of the 370z would've gone down (and probably looked) much better.

      4 months ago
  • It’s far worse than the coupé, it’s just looks wrong. The Z cars are fairly beautiful, flowing fastback coupés, this one has had a fridge stuck on the back

      4 months ago
    • if u are talking about the off-roader then i completely agree with you!

        4 months ago
    • I’m afraid not 😝, I didn’t realise there was more than one when I first did this so I’m talking about the shooting brake

        4 months ago