The Nissan z31, how would you rank it as a Z car?
Personally when I think of Z cars it is 240z or 260z I automatically think of not a z31.

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  • Awesome car! I owned one, every single thing said in the press regarding this car is a lie. It handled well, and it went like snot for it’s time.

      4 days ago
    • How long did you own it for?

        4 days ago
    • I owned it for 5 years. There is a picture of it in my bio. These cars are truly underrated.

      Mind you that is how it seems to be the Zeds get generally unnoticed. While they are out there street fighting and kicking but.

        4 days ago
  • It’s funny that nissan used to know who they were it’s written on that brochure. “Quality and performance”

    As for z31 it looks old and new for time, but not very popular

      5 days ago
  • Didn’t care for these.

      5 days ago


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