T​he number of people learning to drive automatic cars is at an all time high

L​earning to get an automatic only licence is now more popular than ever

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T​his is bad. More people than ever are learning to drive automatic cars only in the UK, although most people are still learning to drive manual cars but the chances are the figure of automatic drivers will go up and up and up.

A​ lot of people think it will take less time to master and it will probably be easier to pass the test but this won’t grant a full drivers licence in the UK, this only allows people to drive automatic cars, which could be ok for day-to-day use.

I​t could also be said that it’s less convenient to just learn automatic. Imagine this: your friend, partner, spouse, sibling, parent, etc. can’t drive that day for any particular reason. You’re the only available person to help, but you only know how to drive an automatic and your car is in the garage. You couldn’t help the person.

B​etween 2011-2012, data from DVSA tells us that in Britain, there were 70,429 tests done in automatic cars. Between 2018 and last year, that figure raised by 163% or to 185,043. An increase of around 115,000 in a span of under 10 years.

T​his doesn‘t seem like a massive number compared to the 1.6 million tests conducted a year, but it is still a high and slightly worrying number, which is only going to get bigger. In the YES! School of Motoring’s fleet of learning cars, 6 out if the 16 cars are automatics.

As electric cars become commonplace too, manual cars will be almost non-existent. Electric cars could work with a manual gearbox, but most manufacturers won’t install a manual gearbox to electric cars. This is because they’re less efficient, there’s more to break, they weigh more, they add unecessary cost and electric cars don’t really need them.

T​his is why a lot of people may decide to just have an automatic, they’d probably rather save money on extra tests and have the simplicity of only having to use 2 pedals. And in under 15 years, people may wonder what the point in learning to drive a manual. In fact, the editor of The Car Expert website, Stuart Masson talked about his love of manual cars but described it as a “dying feature”.

M​aybe it is a “dying feature”, but even if one manufacturer made a line of pure manual electric cars, they’d probably be one of the biggest and most popular manufacturers in the world. When petrol and diesel cars become illegal in the UK, we will be stuck in no gear autos. We will need a car which will satisfy the millions upon millions who want a manual.

W​hat do you think, should there be manual electric cars, or is it a “dying feature”?

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Comments (7)

  • I'm underage, but I still drive stick.

      21 days ago
  • Its annoying as car manufacturers usually go and put autos in cars that are ment to have manual

      21 days ago
  • Cheaper than Stick . That’s all, at least it is here in Québec. And I didn’t have a choice myself, my right leg is paralyzed so sue me

      21 days ago
  • To be fair I would probably choose an automatic license too. More and more cars are ditching manual, as well as government incentives for electric cars which makes them much more affordable to own, nothing in the future is in favour of the 3 pedals. Even Lotus of all brands is ditching manual for an electric powertrain!

      21 days ago