It looks like a wrecked Morris Mini J37 that's had its parts graffitied by an urban artist from New York.

Hello, DriveTribers, once again, and I hope you’re enjoying the season of goodwill for all men and toys. This time we'll be taking a shufti at something...I really fail to describe. It looks like a wrecked Morris Mini J37, because it is a Morris Mini J37, that's had its parts separated by an urban artist in New York, who graffitied everything single part of it, and when assembling it realised that they painted the doors upside down but didn't bother to change it.

I was wrong in thinking that Hot Wheels HQ read these things I write; this Morris Mini model hasn't got door mirrors! If you're going to make a die-cast car model, why not make it as authentic as possible?! What is it with these door mirrors?! I better start moving on cos I'm starting to sound like Jonathan Pie. Another thing they missed were the front doors' windows. I'm sure they hadn't invented windows back then...I'm sorry, but I can't hold myself from ranting about this one. What is that thick pillar in the middle of the car. It's like a flaccid micropenis trying to be erect. Please get a grip Hot Wheels.

And now the cheery positives paragraph. Well, there's not much. The paint job is definitely quite a thing. I mean it was that good on all of their models. It also rolls quite nicely. You just give it a slight push and off it goes.

I’m not going down creativity lane this time because it, once again, is a very meh model. And that's with me ignoring the shoddy crime they committed on the bonnet. And on that bombshell, it's time to end. See you in 2020. Buhbye.

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