the Oldsmobile Golden rocket- an epitome of sheer pulchritude.

The definition of top tier elegance

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The Oldsmobile Golden Rocket was a two-seater concept built by Oldsmobile for the 1956 general motors motoroma . The carefully and beautifully styled fiberglass concept was designed to resemble as the name states - a rocket on wheels.

It was redesigned several times and displayed at multiple auto shows, most notably at the 1957 paris motor show where it caught massive attention from the French and their baguette critic

Also called the XP-400 / SO 2490 .it had a beautiful 2-door fastback layout with a 325 cu 276 hp (5.3 L) rocket v8 ,partnered with a hydra-matic automatic transmission , a wheelbase of 105 in (2,667 mm) and Length 201.1 in (5,108 mm)

It had a fiberglass body with nerf-like built in bumpers that give an overall rocket effect to the car.
The upholstery was done in blue and gold leather. The speedometer was mounted in the center of the two-spoked steering wheel along with buttons to tilt the wheel, making it one of the first vehicles with a tilt steering wheel.

As either door was opened, the roof panel automatically raised and the seat came up forward 3 inches and swiveled outward for easy entry or exit. Roof panels rose, resembling Mercedes’ gullwing-style, and the seats lifted and swiveled out to welcome you when the doors were opened.

Now Obvioulsly it was designed by the legendary - Harley earl

It has absolutely carries nothing thats not beautiful on it...The fiberglass bodywork looks like a beautiful woman wrapped in a single piece of delicate cloth. It carries a delicious flow about itself, somewhat similar to the karmann ghia which is then paired with the simply beaautiful fastback that appears to flow endlessly starting from the gorgeous split rear windows. The covered rear wheel arch with a low rear makes it look like its floating and gliding . And as if that wasn't enough its got two delicate wings on either side.

It looks like the front is tearing into realms of the future..... but the rear is gracefully dragging along the beauty of the past...

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  • Hey Ag. Believe it or not, I also owned a 1956 Oldsmobile Rocket, just not the Golden Rocket highlighted in your post. Mine was a Rocket 88, just like the red and white one in the photo, except it was a convertible.

    It was well used and heavily driven when I bought it, so I inherited a few problems. The power steering and power brakes failed at different times while in motion, and in those days they weren’t fail safe. Without power steering, you had to use you whole body to turn the wheel…like steering a Sherman Tank.

    And the brake pedal went to the floor without any mechanical function remaining. That’s when I used the hand brake. In those days we called it the emergency brake for obvious reasons.

    I love the Golden Rocket but rated it 10/11 for one reason. The small fins look misplaced (they should be further back) and seem to be a last minute add-on.

    Great post, and I enjoyed it.

      11 days ago
    • Man!!! you are the most interesting person on this website!!! The rocket 88 is beautiful too and yeaah things made lotta sense then😂😂 and you're right about the fins and. thankyou for reading

        11 days ago
    • Thank you. I leave lots of comments scattered around DriveTribe. Some are “one liners” where I try to be mildly sarcastic or humorous, and which sometimes fall flat. Other comments are longer and hopefully contain some worthwhile...

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        11 days ago
  • Does the rear window look at all familiar to anyone?

      11 days ago
    • If you're talking about the c2 63 splitwondow corvette yes!! It was inspired by this

        11 days ago
    • Yes, the Corvette Split Window Sting Ray. Am I correct?

        11 days ago
  • and that PASTEL PINK

      11 days ago
    • Exactly what I was waiting for someone to say!!! I found it very delicious!!

        11 days ago
  • Never heard of this car until today but it looks awesome. When I saw the cover image I first thought it would be similar to the Chrysler Turbine jet car but even though it isn't its still pretty damn interesting. Loved the article!

      11 days ago