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The Omega Seamaster - An Aspiration #2

Here's what I have to say about one of my favourite Omega models.

1y ago

The Omega Seamaster. From the Divers to the Chronographs to the Aqua Terras, the entire lineup is a tasteful trio and I could rattle on and on about each and every one of them. But we'll start with the Aqua Terra 150m Co-Axial. An elegant, functional dress watch that has been gracefully designed.

This timepiece adopts all the intricate and blissful features you would want from a dress watch that could also be worn casually. With a 41.5mm diameter and the cleanest of curvatures, it's not the bulkiest of watches which means it would look equally as perfect with rolled up sleeves as well as tucked under a cuffed shirt. With its 150m (500ft) water resistance, it's as practically functional as it is aesthetically admirable, ideal for every day wear. It's powered using the 860/8612 caliber movement with silky smooth sweep seconds and is reliable as ever with an Omega timepiece. Personally, the aspect that grabs me towards this model even further is the day-date feature, clearly displaying the day at the 12 O'clock marker and the date at the 6 O'clock point. Over time, I have become somewhat unexpectedly and surprisingly inclined towards watches containing at the very minimum, the date. And when I see a piece containing the day, it appeals to me even more. I find it incredibly useful as well as visually sensual to have functional features on the face, features that you will refer to throughout the day and every time you wear it.

This particular model is with the black leather strap and of course it is available with stainless steel, as well as contrasting face and dial colours. I always think there's a different aura omitted when wearing a leather strap compared to a steel one but they can almost always be worn in similar settings and styles; it just depends on preference and personal style. Both bands appeal to me and having a varied selection is what I believe is vital when watch collecting. I've seen this model retail for just over £3,500, roughly $4,200 and for a classic design and reputable heritage, it's not bad. When considering some of the main competition; there are some models which range between £3000-£4000 ($3,700-$4,900) such as the Breitling Superocean range which serve a similar purpose but none of which contain the same level of refinement as the Co-Axial. Overall, it's a neat piece of watchmaking with functionality to the highest degree; there's no doubt that this is one of my personal favourites that can't be matched in its price-point.

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