The One And Only Aston Martin Bulldog Is Being Revived

    Back to the future... or back to the past?

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    I think we all can say we remember the 1979 Aston Martin Bulldog concept car... whether if you were a child when you first heard or it, or if you were an adult. Or if it was hanging on your wall or if it was a model car you used to have. Yet, it does not matter how we first found this insane car, what matters is that this car was and still is something so memorable. Even when we hear the name, we cannot help but think of the fascinating car Aston Martin was set to produce. Aston Martin was set to develop 15–25 models of the Bulldog, unfortunately, the plan was too costly, causing the popular British brand to build only one of these cars. But what was Aston Martins real mission with this concept car? There's so many rumors and false truths about this certain car, but the real goal was to reach a top speed of 200mph in this futuristic supercar. The Aston Martin Bulldog was styled by William Towns in the 1970s and sadly we never got to see it go into production, making it the most if not the most rare Aston Martin of all time. On that unfortunate note, what if I told you the legend is coming back to life?

    Yes, I know that seems impossible and unreal, but just listen to me. In this certain generation and era, there has been more appreciation for classics and analog cars, which is a revolutionary thing. Many companies such as Eagle, Aston Martin Works, Zagato, restoration companies etc. Have set out to recreate, restore and bring back the passion and the art of vintage and legendary old cars. As this becomes more main stream and more of a trend, many car enthusiasts, designers and companies shave been wondering how great it would be if they would bring back their classic, legendary, rare and limited models. Countless brands and companies have recreated and restored many of their rare, or lost cars. Such as the E-Types, The XKSS, the lost Porsche 356 Carrera Speedster Zagato, the DB4 GT, DB4 GT Zagato and even the Aston Martin DB5 'Gold Finger'. As you can see, many recreations, restoring and 'reviving' have been occurring between many companies.

    Recently, a small British restoration shop wants to remedy, duplicate and take an idea from that. Classic Motors Cars in Shropshire, England, is the living legend of that, they took the challenge to restore the ever so famous Aston Martin Bulldog. It will be difficult, with many sleepless nights and hard work, taking an immense 18-month-long refurbishment to refurbish the one and only Aston Martin Bulldog. Courageously, Classic Motor Cars does not want to stop there, they have a drive to keep going and even to help the vehicle finally achieve its goal and to be able to hit a top speed of 200 mph.

    This 5.3 L twin-turbocharged V8's edgy and bold futuristic looks took everyone by surprise, well... most people. The 70s were known to have cars exceeding many 'out of this world' and 'futuristic' looks'. Such as this Bulldog, it was promised to be a never seen before highly strung and next-level performing supercar. Yet, it's just known as a rare one-off never been produced concept car, up until now. It has been decided to change the reputation and change that 'well known' perception of the Aston Bulldog. And Classic Motor Cars has stepped up and has taken the risk of restoring the 1980 'Project K.901' legend.

    The Aston Martin Bulldog (Project K.901) was famously set to become the fastest production car at the time, Aston Martin tried and tried to achieve this certain achievement. But, after a while it just got too expensive, infuriating and too tiresome. They longed for it to work, but it just kept topping out at a speed of 192 mph. Close, but not what they expected or desired. Dejectedly, Aston Martin pulled the plug on the William Towns-designed project, deciding it was not worth the insane amount of money spent. 1981 was the last year of the Bulldog, until a few years later it was sold privately and disappeared from the face of the earth, becoming history.

    At long last, many petrol heads dreams have finally come true. And the Bulldog is finally coming back to its glory and it's coming back better than ever, ready to bite. The Gull-winged door supercar was recently tracked down by the son of the former head of Aston Martin, hoping he was able to find the loved car and to start this project. Happily, the stunning wedged shaped analog car was purchased by a car enthusiast from the United States of America. And, even more amazing news, the current owner of the futuristic Car has given Classic Motor Cars the responsibility for a full restoration. Including and creating missions such as returning the Aston Martin Bulldog to its original silver and gray color scheme. While enhancing and building around the car's performance, making it even more powerful and stable. Except, the main goal has never changed, and it has stayed the same... to be able to make it reach the top speed of 200mph.

    Long ago, Aston Martin had a dream, they had a specific goal. They didn't fail, they just didn't finish. They were on the right pace and track, but sadly financial issues struck and got into their way. Now, Classic Motor Cars picked up those unfinished pieces and got back to working, and they are here to restore and re-build the absolute astonishing one-off legend. Trust me, I would be lying if I said I was not excited about this, we are all over the roof excited for this project to be finished. We wish Classic Motor Cars the best experience and journey, and we thank them for their dedication and hard work. We all cannot wait to see the results of the hard work, talent and dedication... Best of luck!

    How do you feel about CMC restoring the renowned Aston Martin Bulldog?

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    Comments (7)

    • I think its a good thing that this legend is being brought back!

        2 days ago
    • Interesting car, but definitely not the best looking aston.

      The front lights 🙈

        20 mins ago
    • Definitely ahead of it's time. There are certain items inside the car that foreshadow the current era such as that TV monitor. The exterior - odd from today's perspective. Odd by 1979 standards as well and that was the Disco Era!!

        2 days ago
    • Why waste good time and resources on more? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

        2 days ago


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