The One Million-mile Porsche

Watch To see this special moment Guy Newmark reaches 1 million miles in his stunning Porsche 356

4y ago

This is the beautiful story of "Blu", the 52 year old Porsche 356 and her owner 72 year old, Guy Newmark, who was lucky enough to be given the car as a gift from his father after he graduated from college.

After more than 50 years of ownership and hundreds of thousands of driving miles, Guy still drives his classic Porsche every day, whether it's to work or to a formal event.

He loves nothing more than driving around in Blu and says when he gets out of the car he always has to look back at it because of its beautiful design. "It's curved, it's beautiful and I just always have to take a second look because I love it so much."

Porsche thought it would be a great idea to film and share in the special moment when Guy and Blu reached one million miles together. After he reached the huge milestone Guy said: "This is the closest thing I will get and Blue will get to notoriety and it's pure joy." Now that he's reached one million miles Guy said he has no plans to stop driving Blu. The future will remain the same as the past.

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  • i'd love just one mile in a 356! what a car!

      4 years ago