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I really like Porsche 911s a lot, so if you follow my feed, you'll be seeing a lot of them most likely. This one, a 1985 Carrera Cabriolet 3.2, caught my eye the day it appeared at a local foreign car specialist, Stuttgart Autohaus. I am not in Germany, though, I am in Wichita, Kansas, the self-proclaimed Air Capital of the World. This town produces and supports most of the world's private aircraft -- Cessna, Beechcraft, Hawker, and Learjet, to name a few of the brands.

Back to the 911. It was not anywhere near mint condition, but it was perfect. A little bit of patina here and there on the paint, the Fuchs were notched up, and the dash was a mess. It was a single-owner car from California with pretty good documentation and had only around 50K on the odometer, which I was told was actual. I was looking for something truly drivable for under $30K, and I thought I had struck potential gold. The owner of the Autohaus hadn't even had a chance to go through the car when we met with him. My wife and I were heading to Colorado the next day for a week or so, so I told the owner to seriously keep me up-to-date with his progression on the car.

Once we returned from Colorado, I hadn't heard from the Autohaus, so I called up and asked about the status. It was unfavorable as you might have guessed. It hadn't been driven for a couple of years and a couple of pistons had seized and the engined needed to be rebuilt. The owner couldn't justify the expense, and he indicated that he was sending the car back to its original owner in California. My dream was over.

A month or so later, though, while I was looking through some car ads, I found this exact car for sale by another dealer a couple of towns away. It "needed some engine work" in the ad and was selling for a little over $60K. I didn't even bother. Stay tuned for more on the 911 saga...

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