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If only we would have kept every car we ever owned

3y ago


What a nice idea, that car ownership was a lifetime thing. That we could all have a big lock up somewhere and keep every single vehicle that we ever own. Obviously even if we had the space this idea is flawed as the majority of the time it's the selling of one vehicle that funds the purchase of the next.

Also I'm sure there's some cars in our history of ownership that we're glad to see the back of. But what about the ones we regret, how does that make us feel?

Well hindsight is a wonderful thing. And looking back saying "If I knew then what I know now" isn't really helpful. Maybe I wouldn't have banger raced the Mk2 Escort (pretty sure I would have still banger raced the Vauxhall Chevette and Viva Estate though).

I don't think I'd have let the Triumph TR7 go quite so easy, especially as a FHC without a Webasto (or dealer fit glass) sunroof were rare then, let alone now. And it was an early one with all balck interior before they went mad with Tartan! But insurance at 18 was a stinger compare to the 1.3 Mk3 escort Van I bought afterwards.

I was happy to see the back of the Datsun and the couple of bland non-turbo Diesels that followed after once I got my first job and went all 'sensible commuter'.

The Golf GTI was the one that left me feeling I had unfinished business. A 1987 White 3 door GTI Engineering 8v that got me in a lot of trouble. Hence why many years later I tracked done one as close to what I had back then as I could.

The Scirocco in the opening pic, well not that one but one very similar was bought of a friend of a friend who had bumped into a cyclist and dented the bonnet. The insurance company wrote it off as it was a limited edition paint colour and would have cost more than the value of the car at the time to replace the bonnet and mix the paint. Shocking! wonder what that Limited edition would be worth today.

It literally only needed a bonnet, any colour would have done. But I only bought it for the gearbox as I'd blown up the one in my Golf.... AGAIN. I took what I needed and sold it on to the local VW Breaker. :-(

So what cars, bikes, whatever, do you regret letting go?

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  • The only two that I have let go and everybody knows about... My blue Mk2 and my Subaru 😕

      3 years ago