The One(s) That Got Away

A rundown of cars I spotted (but was unable to photograph) in 2019

Disclaimer: I failed to record/take note of any cars spotted in the first half of the year (that lack photographic evidence), so this list is incomplete. Sorry!

Key: parenthesis indicate date spotted/timestamp, curly brackets indicate vehicle quantity, square brackets indicate color, semicolons separate instances, commas separate members in a group, angled brackets represent time or era of production


De Tomaso Pantera (26th); Chevrolet Camaro & Chevelle (30th)

(May, no date):

Chevrolet El Camino trio: {one first generation Brookwood-based example}, {two late fourth- generation "Classic" models [characteristically quad-stacked headlamps]}

Ford Mustang Boss 302; Lincoln Mark VII {pair}; AMC Gremlin (~mid May)


[Red] Porsche 930 "Flachbau"/Slantnose (8th); [Grey] Ferrari 360 (21st); [Plum Crazy Purple] Dodge Challenger <first gen> (29th)


[Blu Cepheus] Lamborghini Huracan (2nd)


[Black] BMW E24 850ci (29th)


[Yellow] Volkswagen Thing (5th); [White] Chevrolet Corvette <second gen>, [Red] Ford Mustang Boss 302 <1969>, [White] Porsche 356A (7th); [Cream] Auburn Speedster, [Red] Lotus Esprit, [color not recorded] Triumph TR2, [color not recorded] Triumph TR3 {pair}, [color not recorded] Triumph TR6, [color not recorded] MG MGB {quintuplet} (15th); [Yellow] Ferrari F430, [White] Bentley Bentayga (24th); [Yellow] McLaren 570s (29th)


[Black] Buick Grand National (2nd); [Baby Blue] Saab 92 (4th)


[Blue] Nissan 200SX (14th); [Yellow] Ferrari F430, [Orange] McLaren 720s, [Black] Lincoln Blackwood (16th); [Brown] AMC Eagle (22nd)


[White] Buick Reatta (3rd); [Grey] Aston Martin V8 Vantage, [White] Buick Roadmaster wagon, [Baby Blue] Chevrolet Caprice wagon (5th); [Grey] Saab 9-5 wagon (13th)

There you go! As promised I chronicled all my spots from the past (quote unquote) "year" that weren't photographed.

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Comments (4)

  • Damn that's a lot. I only missed an E-Type (which is the first time i've seen one in my life) and a couple 570Ss and 600LTs

      1 year ago
    • Yeah. A lot of these spots were on the move so they were gone before I had the chance to get a pic.

        1 year ago
    • Unfortunately I tried to take a pic of the E-Type. Everything was perfect until my finger decided to slip off of the camera button.

        1 year ago