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The only super car ever to come from Wales. The Gilbern.

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Picture by Simon Gunning

Picture by Simon GunningPicture by Simon Gunning

This car company only lasted around fourteen years, but really it done well to start at all. A super car company from the Welsh Valleys, come on who would of thought it. Well live the dream I guess, after talking to a few of the owners from our local car show they have a loyal following for a few reasons. The main one is because it is Welsh and the only real Walsh car around to drive and own, well until Aston Martin start producing cars at St Athan but not many of us will be able to afford one of them unfortunately.

Picture by Simon Gunning

The one that got away! The T11 Concept

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Designed by British designer Trevor Fiore, the T11 was built in 1970, and was due to show at the 1971 Geneva Motor Show. The company recalled the project, however. The one example produced was restored and completed in 2009-2010.

I really think that if this had made it in to production the company might of lasted a bit longer, maybe even bought out by one of the big boys. Just a great looking car, just a shame it didn’t make it.

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  • be a patriot and get one of these :))

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    • I've been planning an article on the Invader for a while. Just need to drive one!

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