The only taxi driver in a small town in southern Italy, and he drives a Tesla

And the town in question is not at all EV-friendly

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Nuoro is a small town in Sardinia, the second-largest island in Italy, where only 30,000 people live. There's only one taxi driver in town, and he drives a Tesla Model 3. And might I add, Italy in general (with exceptions) is not what you'd call 'EV-friendly', especially in the South, Sicily and Sardinia.

Antonello Corda (AntoTaxi on Instagram) recently replaced his Mercedes C-Class SW with a brand-new Model 3. In an interview with VaiElettrico, an Italian car magazine, he admitted that he bought it thanks to (and because of) regional grants. "I was scared at first because we don't have any charging points in town, but because I often drive people to and from major airports I knew of one Supercharger I could use," he said. "I also had a WallBox installed at home, it takes around 8 hours to charge." He says he wouldn't go back to an ICE now."

Fuel is and always has been astoundingly expensive in Italy. It is overpriced and overtaxed, mainly due to ancient excise duties and taxes that were imposed around 70 years ago and never lifted. At the time of writing, Italy has the fifth most expensive petrol (€1.44) in Europe and the fifth most expensive diesel (€1.33). Energy is not cheap, but it is definitely (a lot) cheapER.

He's a taxi driver, assuming he drives his car at least 100 km (62 miles) a day on average, he spends an average €65 a week on energy. The C-Class he used to drive before he bought the Tesla was fitted with a 66-litre tank (14 gallons), assuming a conservative 55 MPG (which is what Mercedes is quoting), he'd need around €95 of diesel to cover the same distance.

It just goes to show governments, especially in Europe, China and North America., are doing absolutely everything they can to make life a living hell if you own an ICE, and apparently it's working.

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  • It's because they are too busy on buying Lamborghinis, Ferrari's, Maserati's and others and driving them around and its fast even the Italian police have the Aventadors. I love Italy + I generally hate Tesla's it's just there body look so bad.

      13 days ago
  • Fifth most expensive petrol at €1,44 a liter... *Cries in Dutch* we're over €2,05 a liter now. Italy seems rather cheap...

      13 days ago
    • yes, but what's the average salary in the NL? Italy is an expensive country, but the salaries are low. It is the only country in the EU where people earn LESS than they did in 1990 (2.7%) and that's before we take inflation into account, imagine...

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        13 days ago
    • I love how us americans are complaining about high gas prices when gas in europe is way more expensive lol

        13 days ago
  • Bruh the chargers around the car looks like a KLU KLUX KLAN gathering 😂😂😂😂😂

      10 days ago
  • If I will be in Nuoro I prefer to call a taxi from Cagliari to not sit in a Tesla.

    The final words are unfortunately correct, this “ecological transition” is forced by governance who wants to put on the road a system who is not ready or tested well. I can’t ear a single person who can explain which is the plan for so many batteries and metal used for this stupid cars, when they will not useful 20/30 years from now. Just leave it on the floor and wait?

      13 days ago
  • Vorrà che dire se mi troverò a Nuoro ed avrò bisogno di un taxi lo farò arrivare da Cagliari pur di non salire su una Tesla.

    Per il resto la riflessione finale è purtroppo giusta. Questa “svolta ecologica” è imposta dai governanti, con una tecnologia non ancora sviluppata a dovere. Senza aver minimamente pensato dove finiranno questi ammassi di batterie e componenti tra 20/30 anni

      13 days ago