- TOURING Sciàdipersia by Touring Superleggera

The Open Top Rarity

18w ago


There are so many cool cars out there today. And I say "today", because I include everything from the past, the present and the concept cars that have been created to showcase what "tomorrow" will bring.

I'm a car guy. Well, of course I am, because why else would I be sharing these words with all of you? That doesn't mean I write about every great car I see - oh no - quite the contrary. I only write of things I admire, appreciate and enjoy so much that they move me even without ever having been behind the wheel (or seen in person for that matter).

The TOURING Sciàdipersia is one of those vehicles that makes me yearn to do more in life. Get ahead, make more more money and dream of one day owning such a beautiful piece of artwork. There are reasons I quoted Mr. da Vinci himself. I honestly believe that, would he have lived in our times, he would have deeply agreed with me. There were a number of lovely machines at the 2019 Geneva motor show this past week, but this right here is definitely one of my top-fave-5.

TOURING Sciàdipersia

So, what is it exactly that we are looking at? It's a re-bodied Maserati GranCabrio. Not much more (or less) than that. Of course, there are multiple color options available for both the exterior and the interior, so I wouldn't say that this is a "simple undertaking" either. The engine remains the same naturally aspirated 4.7 liter V8 and the gearbox is still the 6-speed auto found in the donor unit. And there is nothing wrong with any of that. The Maseratis of recent years are pretty much toned down versions of Ferraris. They are less expensive and therefore have a broader appeal, having been dubbed "the gentleman's Ferrari".

This isn't the first time we see the TOURING Sciàdipersia. Touring Superleggera has done this very project before - as the coupe version. And it wasn't any less exciting than the drop-top unicorn variant we are talking about today.

Most recent "Masers" have started to age (not-so-gracefully), so this is the remix to ignition (no pun intended). Sadly, only 15 of these beauties will be built. Let's hope they all don't disappear into well climatized garages where they never see the light of day.

It would be a shame, really, given that it's exactly what they are designed to do. Enjoy the light. Want to read more about this breathtaking sun-seeker? Here is a great article by Classic Driver.

For more about Touring Superleggera and their current projects, it's a must read for all car geeks.