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First and most beloved?

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Same as RS2, the first-gen RS4 was available only as Avant, debuted in 1999 with 6,030 cars produced till 2001. With the original RS4, Audi set the template for the RS brand, combining a lot of power with four-wheel drive and also found the balance between subtlety and aggression.

This time for tweaks Porsche was not in charge but Cosworth. The engine was improved in many ways, with 5 valves per cylinder, larger intake and smaller exhaust ports, stronger connecting rods, and 2 turbochargers were added. Under the hood was a 375hp powerful 2.7V6 Twin Turbo, with 440Nm of torque available from 2500-6000 RPMs. Power was transmitted via six-speed manual transmission, and of course, there is Quattro.

Time from 0-100km/h (62mph) was just 4.9 seconds, which was impressive at the time, especially for a station wagon weighing 1620 kilograms. Still, it was enough to be the fastest production wagon at the time.

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