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T​he Original Tesla Roadster is Extremely Underrated

6w ago


T​here was a time back in 2008 when markets were falling, the economy was exploding, and bankers were falling out of windows. Everything was generally pretty crap, and nobody was really spending much money.

S​o you could imagine everyones surprise when a young Elon Musk got up onto a crate and unveiled a new $100,000 electric sports car. He claimed it would do 0-60 in 3.9 seconds and have a 200 mile range. The car was meant to be based on a Lotus chassis, and use battery technology from a company called AC Propultion. However, by the time the car actually reached production it used only 7% of the Lotus Elise upon which it was based and had all new battery and motor technology developed in-house by Tesla themselves.

W​hen reviewers finally got their hand on the Roadster in late 2009 people praised the car for its revolutionary technology, and it being the first electric car you might actually want. However, very few reviewers spent much time talking about how the car handled, or what it was like to live with. Because although the Roadster only shared 7% of it's components with a Lotus it had inherited all of the LOTUS quirks.

A​ll the bad shit

F​or example, it was very small, it wasn't so easy to get in and out of you know, it was fantastically uncomfortable, it had no power steering, it was unreliable, and if the battery went flat you'd need to get a new one.

The cars were crap, they were fundamentally flawed, and frankly they were dangerous.

But I love it

H​ow it drives

T​he Roadster has only one redeeming feature, and oh boy is it good. This car handles like nothing else on the road, the steering is telepathic, and the acceleration is brutal. It takes corners like a go-cart hard on the brakes turn in then BAM!, you're out, then BAM you're at the next corner. The car launches you out of corners like nothing else in the world. It feels tiny, it shirnks around you you feel every single bump and ant in the road. The wind in your hair the bees in your face the car feels dangerous, if you let go it may even try to kill you.

A​nd when you have a car which has 300,000 feet of headroom, an insane powerplant, and some of the best handling in the world you end up with a true gem.

I​ don't car if the seats are uncomfortable I don't care if the battery is crap, I don't care that it is unpractical and stupid, I love it.


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