The Origins of The Grand Tour

45w ago


Originally a Grand Tour was a 17th to 19th-century pursuit in which, say, three chums would find themselves at a loose end for whatever reason and would agree to travel together to foreign lands for the purposes of cultural and spiritual enrichment, and also to find out if the Aston Martin DB11 was any good. Before Departing one of the friends might say ‘Look this isn’t completely convenient for me. I’m supposed to be making a Christmas special about 1970’s toys,’ and the other two would reply, ‘Oh for god’s sake James. How long does that take? Get a bloody move on, and then the two idle friends would wait for a bit, and then for a bit longer while their third friend spent a week packing his clothes very neatly into a leather suitcase, and then they would away on their travels.

Taken From The Grand Tour: GUIDE TO THE WORLD

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