The Origo Concept, and three other car makers that tried to reinvent the wheel!

A closer look at revolutionary tech, that didn't quite catch on!

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Origo's Smart Wheel Concept!



The Finnish company Origo has just won an award for its latest steering wheel concept. The idea was to create a revolutionary new product, while maintaining familiarity. It uses 3D Touch surfaces to allow the driver to access buttons and menus without removing any hands from the wheel. Think along the lines of JLR's Predictive Touch system, and you won't be far off. It is paired with a widescreen display that shows the bare minimum, to make sure there aren't distractions. It's a cool setup, and as we see companies play around with the wheel more and more, products like this are more likely!


Saab's Joystick Car!

Saab isn't afraid to take risks, and throughout its varied history, it was innovative and cool. But this system went the furthest, when they took a Saab 9000 and an iron, and stuck them together to create a joystick/handle driving thingy. Described by motoring journalists at the time as 'one of the most terrifying experiences of my life', and 'the inaccuracy at high speed makes it lethal', it is fair to say there aren't glowing reviews. Never mind. It's awesome!


TVR's Radical Repositioning!

It was a novelty idea for TVR to add dials to the steering wheel. After all, this is a company known for hidden buttons under door mirrors to open doors, a selection of colours bright enough to burn retinas and more lights than the New York streets. Unfortunately, like the others, this idea didn't work. It was fine when the steering wheel was straight, but when it was to a side or upside down you couldn't see anything! What's more, it covered the actually important dials because you couldn't see through the steering wheel!


Maserati's 'Boomerang'!

Unlike the previous two, this didn't make it to production. I wonder why? It looks awesome though, with every dial and switch possible at the time stuffed in. It's said that the DeLorean took interior inspiration from this car! Mind you, fit a massive screen in the middle of it and suddenly it becomes more useful for the modern age. Imagine how well you could see Google Maps with this bad boy!

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