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The other day I received 1000 bumps!! I would like to thank my followers (Nate A, Jake Savoie, Micheal Rojas, Christian Navselius, Chris - TWR, Chris Conner, James Lynton, Stacie Hill, Dash L, Lelia Lopez Marks, Mason Bloom, Max Kwok, Matthew Henderson, Captain Cars, JL Car Enthusiast, The Stig, Max Crilly, Charlie Whitaker, Austin Kinney, Riley Martin, Ferdi Kamphuis, Mya Wise and אליהו זאבעל ) and anyone else that bumped and/or followed me. I appreciate that you all followed (and/or bumped) me as this allows me to continue to post on Drivetribe consistently. This is another major milestone for me!! Once again thank you and I look forward to posting/collaborating on projects in the future!!!

(The images were taken from during the night and in the morning)

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