The Outlaw gets Schuco’d

      Castheads Creative Director Nigel De ZIlwa opens a brand new Schuco Porsche and is very very happy

      It has been almost 2 months since we first received this model and the longest two months it has been. We have been waiting for the go-ahead and finally, that moment is here. This means, at the end of this article you will have a link directly to the online shop where this is being sold exclusively with worldwide shipping.

      For those of you who don’t know Magnus Walker and are uninitiated in the Urban Outlaw here’s some context. Magnus Walker is a designer who moved from the UK to the US fell in love with Porsche’s (other cars are involved as well but Porsches he really digs) and under his brand, the Urban Outlaw has designed his own iconic style around these air-cooled wonders.

      These designs have led him to be accidentally turned in to a scale model cult classic with several brands picking up his designs and reproducing them in various scales. The Urban outlaw is now collector worthy. The latest release (that being today) is one as I mentioned has been sitting on my desk waiting for the grand opening. That way when we say we have something fresh for you it really is. We get to enjoy it when you get to enjoy it. And enjoy it we did.

      The casting is a 1975 911 Turbo set in a beautiful Mint Green Ice finish with subtle black pinstripes that go from the front, widening out towards the back highlighting the wheel arches of the naturally wide-hipped turbo. The Black FUCHS wheels are so black that however light you use to take pictures it just swallows up the light. That’s how black should be done, from now on that’s how everybody should do black.

      The main lights front and back are plastic and the URBAN OUTLAW branding is classily subtle on the left-hand side under the wing mirror. The tires are rubber and treaded which greatly compliments the weight of the casting as you roll it along on your Dream Customs mouse pad.

      Unsurprisingly Schuco has dropped a bomb of a casting and they could not have picked a better individual to collab with. As always, I’m excited, we are excited, our tea lady is excited, collectors are excited. Hopefully, this will not be the last but make sure you are not the last to get online and get this sweet deal.

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      • Very nice, but the shipping is almost the same cost as the model...tsk

          3 months ago


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