auction says Z-CAR chassis, but history says otherwise

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In 1975, a gentleman placed an order for a Ferrari 365 GT4 2+2 with Maranello Concessionaires in London. The car was to arrive painted in 'Grigio Le Sancy' (silver-grey) with Connolly Vaumol hide in black.

The car arrived in the UK on 26 August 1975 and was registered three days later as 'HPD 638P'. Up until the late 1990s, this car was still a 365 GT4 2+2 and was still silver-grey.

At some point, a decision was made to rebody this chassis as a 250 GTO 'evocation'. In 2006, the car moved on to a new owner, and the colour was officially recorded as having changed to red. The conversion likely happened some time before this, but was simply updated when the V5C changed hands. More recently, the registration was changed to 'NLG 677C', to add to the appearance of it being an even older Ferrari.

The 250 GTO 'evocation' at H&H's Buxton sale on 10 June 2009

The 250 GTO 'evocation' at H&H's Buxton sale on 10 June 2009

The car emerged into the public sphere in 2009, when H&H Auctions offered it at their Buxton sale in June that year. Part of the description included the line:

..."Based on a Datsun Z-car donor clothed with fibreglass bodywork"...

Perhaps parts of the car under the body appeared to be from a Z-car, but the chassis itself is that of the original 365 GT4 2+2. As it happens, the engine was described as being a 4.0-litre V8 from a TVR. Without having seen the car at the auction myself, I can only assume that this latter feature is correct.

So where is the car now? Quite simply, I have no idea. It was exported five days after the auction in 2009 and I've not seen it since. If the buyer is out there and still thinks they've bought a rebodied Datsun, I'd highly recommend a poke around under the engine...

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