The Pagani Huarya R will have around 900 horsepower

This is going to be one hell of a machine

42w ago

A few weeks ago, we told you that Horacio Pagani will unveil the Huarya R on November 12. If that news wasn't enough to excite you, then we've got some more nerve-tingling information about the Zonda R's successor for you.

The Huarya R will be revealed at the 2020 Autostyle Design Competition. In the announcement video, Horacio confirmed that the car will have a naturally aspirated V12.

Now, according to The Supercar Blog, the V12 of the R will come from AMG and it will rev to 9,500 rpm! But there's some more information which has got us jumping from our sofas.

It is a project in which we have been greatly committed to create such an incredible product that it comes even with a new naturally aspirated engine, made especially for this purpose

Horacio Pagani

That information is that Horacio and his disciples will bless the Huarya R with over 900 horsepower. Nine-hundred horsepower. WOW

What's more, Supercar Blog's sources also report that the Zonda R's V12 will make a "diabolic" sound. The Huarya R will surely the maddest Pagani to date.

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Comments (4)

  • I almost dropped my drink when it said 900hp from a NA engine. Glad to see some manufacturers trying to keep a variety in engines.

      9 months ago
  • All I'm waiting for in the Pagani front, really. Glad to see a date to wait for.

      9 months ago