The Pagani Zonda Riviera sold for an insane amount at auction in Saudi Arabia

There's only one of these in the whole world!

1y ago

We all know about the incredible extravagance associated with Pagani. The Argentinian born Italian resident has been wowing us for decades now with his beautiful realisations of what a supercar or a hypercar should be.

The one of one Pagani Zonda Riviera is absolutely no exception to this and it very recently come up for sale at a Silverstone Auctions event in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where it sold for $5.5 million!

The Riviera started off its life as a Zonda F, before being returned to the Pagani factory for an extensive rebuild and refit into the latest of Pagani's special edition Zonda 760 models. Pagani gave this Zonda all new carbon fibre body panels (including those very distinctive wheelarch extensions over the front wheels), a one off roof scoop custom made for the car, carbon fibre canards on the front and blue trim accents to cap off a car that's visually stunning and imposing at the same time.

The interior is also very stripped back in appearance, filled with large amounts of blue trim including blue seats and blue door cards.

The modifications aren't just cosmetic either. The car's Mercedes-derived 7.3 litre V12 has been seriously tweaked - it's now good for a power output of 750 hp! The V12 has also been gifted with a brand new exhaust system to make sure it howls even louder than it did when it came out of the factory as a Zonda F.

In case you needed reminding that this is a one of one car...

In case you needed reminding that this is a one of one car...

This isn't the first time that the Zonda Riviera has been up for sale. It was listed a couple of years back by Seven Car Lounge in Saudi Arabia, where it was bought by a Saudi prince who reportedly made at least one trip to London with the car. Earlier in the year, it also came up for sale at VIP Motors of Dubai, although there was no confirmation from VIP motors on whether they actually sold it. Nevertheless, it has now sold for a very awesome price and I'm sure whoever's snagged that lucky purchase will be very happy with themselves!

The Zonda Riviera isn't the only Zonda either to have come up for auction in 2019 either. The Pagani Zonda Aether, another one-off project that was built as part of the 760 series that features a similarly powerful engine but in an exposed carbon fibre roadster body and with the power transferred through a good old-fashioned 6 speed manual gearbox, was auctioned off at an RM Sotheby's event in Abu Dhabi on 30th November. It was also estimated to sell at a similar price to the Zonda Riviera ($4.5-$5.5 million) - if that doesn't show how desirable these 760 series Zondas are, I don't know what does!

It's also reported that the Zonda Aether was ordered by the same person who ordered the Ferrari SP38 Deborah - if that's the case, then that (presumably) Emirati resident has seriously good taste in cars!

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Comments (5)

  • Why do they keep selling these cars in places where they are either stored away for good or abandoned by the people who purchase them.

      1 year ago
    • The people who live in those parts of the world are a large part of the percentage of the population of the people who 1. can afford these cars and 2. actively want them.

        1 year ago
    • It’s true but you know what I mean

        1 year ago
  • Most expensive??? There was a Tricolor in NY that sold for 7 Million

      1 year ago
  • Well I didn't buy it, because Im here texting this nonsense, instead of driving around in my Pagani.

      1 year ago