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The painful trip home

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Realizing that you are an IB student and not some villager living a peaceful life in the mountains is not painful. I am glad to go home because I miss my parents, I miss my laptop, I miss my throne (toilet), I miss my bed, I miss my WIFI, they only serve hot tea so I miss my ice tea. I miss clean drinking water. Well water while safe tastes like dirt and grass. I am desperate to go home. I have suffered 3rd degree burns… somewhat from the mountain sun. Who knew the sun could give you radiation burns.

Bad news from me. On Friday the bus was over an hour late. Seeing that the bus will not be coming any time shortly, I decided to have a small bathroom break until I suddenly heard the roar and rumble of a diesel engine. I ran outside to see that everyone is boarding the bus and I quickly boarded the comfortable, airconditioned, “deutsche qualitat”, Mercedes Benz bus. Well I quickly found that German quality is a scam as one of the storage bins in the seat has fallen off. Here is a tip. Dot be fooled by German “reliability”. Ask anyone who has owned a BMW and you will see.

Traversing the not German quality roads. The bus was leaning, a lot and things got worse when one of the passengers claimed that he has lost his phone. There was an atmosphere of concern and panic in the bus until he found his phone… on the floor. Let’s just say that no one is pleased. Out from the tea plantation and into the winding mountain roads, perfect for drifting… not sure if our bus is rear wheel drive. Of course, the intelligent passengers of the bus were sick from the movement so the best thing to do is to look down at their phones to check their latest Instagram posts. Several students vomited we had to stop in the pharmacy to get a box of medical supplies. My face was plated on the window because if I looked the other way, I would see a vile and disgusting mess and the teachers cringed.

That’s only the beginning though. The trip took 9 hours and there was traffic. Just painful slow traffic. Hey it could be worse. At least I saw some decently rare vehicles like some Scania trucks, DAF trucks, several Peugeot 206s and a Mazda VX-1. Always look at the bright side mate.

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