The Panamera isn't ugly, it's art

I think the Panamera is the most beautiful German car to ever exist

4w ago


This applies to both 1st and 2nd gen Panamera's.

I like the 911, not to the point of falling in love with it like Ben Welham but I know it is a good car. Good acceleration, good handling, won't fall apart like the Italians or British, simple, timeless design but there is an issue, it's a coupe and I don't like coupes. I believe they are uglier than a minivan.

So, how about converting the 911 into a sedan? Porsche has done it and it is simply stunning. I have no idea why top gear bashed it as hideous.

The front is brilliant, simple, elegant, it is neither sporty, rugged, angry or whatever emotion you can think of, it is simple, it is easy on the eyes, no excessive aerodynamic fins jutting out of the sleek design.

The side profile reminds me a bit of a Maserati Quattroporte with its curved back windows and that's good because Maserati is beautiful. Apart from that, the side profile is also simple, sleek and elegant few sweeping lines and few extrusions.

Some say the rear is bulbous and therefore ugly, I strongly disagree. Bulbous is unique, bulbous is striking and elegant. It is curvy like Kim Kardashian's bottom... in a good way. Think about it, no modern car is bulbous. Bulbous is a 2000s trend, we are in 2020 so it is quite refreshing.

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Comments (55)

  • I havent seen the new one, that cud very well be superb idk, but the one that featured prominently in the article pics is an absolute abomination

      28 days ago
  • My opinion is that it would make a nice KIA.

    Oh, wait...there is actually a KIA Panamera!

      27 days ago
  • Wait,the SLR McLaren is more beautiful than this EGG

      28 days ago
  • They have improved it from older ones but still just meh.

      25 days ago
  • Not art, fart. If beauty be in the eye, etc, etc... well let us compare Michelangelo with Bob the Builder? Come on you know-it-alls, which is true art? This lumpen mess is NOT art. It's a poor effort at making yet another 4 door Porsche that has failed miserably. Who the hell Porsche employs to style for them, heaven only knows? Does constantly tweaking the 911 turn their brain to mush? Look at the Tesla Model S. Virtually an identical design brief. It's no beauty, but next to this it's a supermodel. It's like the Bangle years at BMW. Utterly ghastly designs by and large, that were only saved when he 'moved on'. OK, some people will buy them as they'll be brilliant to drive, and anyway you can't see the stupid thing from the inside. Can you imagine this concoction parked in a Monte Carlo carpark, next to the cream of Italian supercars, and feeling the pity as you are watched entering this, thing?

      22 days ago