- All the way from Portugal to Wiltshire, it only broke down at the bottom of my drive.

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Cars were better back in the day, don't @ me

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I am fully aware that many people are going to disagree with me on this, and if you're one of those people then please know your wrong.

Being the youthful spirit I am, I have a completely valid point of view because age is just a number. When I was learning to drive only 3 years ago, my driving instructor had a 2014 Suzuki Swift. It had all the safety features you could ever want, sat-nav, an acurate speedo, the whole package. But it was so unbelieveably dull to drive it made me question everything. I thought the Swift was meant to be a gokart for the road and all I could feel was it behaving like a shopping cart for old people. The steering was numb, it lacked any character, any emotion. It was just a tool for moving someone's prehistoric anus from a to b. But cars should be so much more than that.

The first car I ever owned, and still do, was a 2005 Honda Civic EP3. A proper boy racer car. It is not perfect or perticuarly safe, but boy does it have character. I must admit, most of this so called character has arisen due to the questionable modifications I made in my infinite youthful wisdom. Wheels for example. I fitted some proper jdm wheels, the Advan SA3R's, which I could only find in the 16 inch variant. Then to wrap these wheels I chose low profile toyo tires because race car bro. As a result of this simple modification, my speedo is 20% out of alignment and the odometer has gone up by an extra 4k miles during my ownership. In addition to this, when there is any form of rain for any period of time I lose all grip and end up in a hedge with a cow trying to eat my wingmirror. Along with a plethra of other modifications, this helped to effectively ruin my car. But I love it. It is still on my drive for when I want to look like a complete wally going through the drivethu. The steering has such a great feeling too, the engine is responsive and the way it corners puts my 350z to shame.

To assist with my point I will bring in another car I have had the pleasure of driving. A Datsun 120y bought by my cousin and driven all the way from Portugal to rainy Wiltshire. It has no features whatsoever. Just an engine in the front, rear wheel drive at the back, and a clunky 4 speed gearbox in the middle. It doesnt even have suspension. Like none at all. It can barely clear the mud on the farmyard. But I find that funny. I find it funny when we have to drive it to Jap-Fest at midnight because the DVLA won't even let us register it.

Contrast that with some of the more modern cars I have driven, 2018 Discovery sport, 2016 mx5, 2019 golf gti, they feel so disconnected. When I get in a car, even to go to the shops for some milk, I want it to be an experience. I want to feel the road beneth me and enjoy the feedback from the steering wheel. I enjoy (somewhat) having to do maths to work out if I'll get a speeding ticket or not. It turns the whole concept of driving into an activity and I love it.

I guess what I'm trying to say to car manufacturers is, make cars easy to work on and go back to hydraulic powersteering. Keep the weight down and always have independent suspension. But for the love of God, don't put semi slicks on your wheels. Make cars fun, not safe. If they handle well we can avoid crashes.

Lots of Love,

Tom xxx

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