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31 August 2020 to 6 September 2020

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The Škoda Enyaq iV is a new rear-wheel-drive compact SUV riding on Volkswagen's MEB platform. There are two battery options: 60 and 80. 60 employs a 62 kWh battery that brings 176bhp, 242 miles of range, and an 8.7-second 0-60 time; 80 employs an 82 kWh battery that brings 200bhp, 316 miles of range, and an 8.5-second 0-60 time. A vRS model with AWD and a 6.2-second 0-60 time will arrive later. Features include a digital voice assistant named Laura, lots of storage space, USB-C ports, tray tables on the front seatbacks, and umbrellas inside the doors. The £33,450 (€ 38,000/$45,000) 60 model gets 19-inch wheels, rear parking sensors, dual-zone climate control, keyless go, road sign recognition, and ambient lighting; the £38,950 (€ 44,000/$52,000) 80 model adds a heated steering wheel, front parking sensors, and a rear-view camera, with the £49,995 (€56,000/$67,000) Founder's Edition receiving 21-inch wheels, black leather seats, and an illuminated grille.

Peugeot has refreshed their 3008 and 5008 small SUVs with updated front ends, a larger infotainment screen, night vision, and more thorough road-sign recognition technology. You can order one online and have it delivered to your door for health safety reasons.

Because the Spirit of Ecstasy and the umbrellas are carryover, the new Rolls-Royce Ghost isn't all-new. Old-school tech includes a 563bhp 6.75-liter V12, all-wheel-drive, and four-wheel steering. New-school (is that even a real word, er, two words?) tech includes a "Flagbearer" system that scans the road ahead and prepares the suspension for pavement imperfections and a GPS-guided transmission to pre-select gears by detecting what the road is like. It can be yours for £208,000 (€ 234,000/$279,000).

There is a rumor that the Porsche 928 will have a successor in the future, becoming the first front-engined Porsche coupe since the 928 and 968 were discontinued in 1995. If it comes, it will likely be a two-door version of the Panamera to rival the BMW 8 Series. With a Panamera sedan rivaling the 8 Series Gran Coupe and a Panamera coupe rivaling the 8 Series coupe, I predict that a Panamera convertible could arrive as well to rival the 8 Series convertible.

The next-generation Nissan Z car prototype debuts on September 15. You can register to watch the digital unveil at

Sadly, the Ferrari GTC4Lusso has been discontinued to make way for the Purosangue SUV.

The new Mercedes-Benz S-Class is so technologically advanced that not all of it's tech is legal in all areas yet. Limited-availability tech includes rear-wheel steering that reduces the turning circle by 1.9 meters and "Interior Assist" that uses cameras to guess what you want to do and it will do it. For example, reaching into the passenger seat at night will turn a light on to help you find an item. Mercedes claims that their "E Active Body Control" is the "world's most intelligent suspension", scanning the road ahead for surface imperfections and corners and adjusting the dampers up to 1,000 times per second to provide minimal pitch and roll. The car is larger in almost every way that it's predecessor and gets an impressive drag coefficient of 0.22. Currently, two diesels and a mild-hybrid petrol are available, with a full hybrid, a V8, and an AMG arriving later. Sales will start within the month and first deliveries will arrive towards the end of the year. Prices will start around £78,000 (€ 88,000/$104,000).

A refreshed Hyundai Kona arrives for 2022 and is arguably even weirder-looking than the previous model. An N Line model will also be available with a sportier appearance, but it will be no sportier than the normal Kona. Interior changes include a larger infotainment screen and optional digital gauges instead of analog ones. Less exciting options include heated seats and manual height adjustment.

The 1,080 horsepower Lucid Air has completed the quarter mile in 9.9 seconds, making it the world's fastest-accelerating production sedan.

This is the Jeep Grand Wagoneer concept, which previews the eagerly-awaited 2022 production model. When it comes out, it will be available with two wheelbases and have a lower-spec Wagoneer version. Although it was originally planned to use a stretched iteration of the next-generation Grand Cherokee chassis, it instead will use an altered version of the Ram 1500 chassis. Engine choices have not yet been released, but the concept is a plug-in hybrid. Full specs have not been released, but there will be three 4X4 modes, seven heated and ventilated seats, tremendous space, claimed "class-leading" visibility, 44 inches of screens on the dashboard, and a 23-speaker audio system. Pricing has not been announced.

How you ever wanted technology from the Aston Martin One-77, Vulcan, and Valkyrie in one package? The Victor is that vehicle, but it is unfortunately just a one-off specially ordered by an unnamed collector. It utilizes the naturally-aspirated 7.3-liter V12 from the One-77, but the standard 750bhp was not enough, so Aston cranked it up to 836bhp. Inboard springs and dampers are lifted directly from the Vulcan. Inspired by the Vantage of the seventies and eighties, the carbon-fiber body produces more downforce at 100 MPH than their current GT4 car. The tail-lights are inspired by the Valkyrie and the steering wheel is from the Vulcan. Best of all, it's got a manual transmission.

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